6/14/18: One Altar Only

While the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, they had the portable tabernacle that anchored the center of their camp. They could look to it and see the visible presence of God. Years later, once established in the Promised Land, Solomon built the beautifully-adorned temple, again to stand as a picture of the presence… Continue reading 6/14/18: One Altar Only


6/11/18: What Are You Carrying?

Lots of us are carrying lots of problems. We carry the pressure of making that proverbial dish: ends meat. How are we going to make those ends meet? We carry the strain placed upon us by the jobs we hold, or the stress of trying to find a job. We carry the tension of distributing… Continue reading 6/11/18: What Are You Carrying?


1/12/18: What is God Saying to You?

As you read through this week's devotions, you'll notice that God is doing a lot of talking to people: guiding them, promising things to them, challenging them. Note what God says and how He says it. Note the reactions of the people who encounter Him. Then think about hearing God saying some of these things… Continue reading 1/12/18: What is God Saying to You?